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Our Mission is to grow a Network of like-minded Creatives who can share of themselves and their Businesses.  You have the opportunity to connect with Creatives who have the capacity to Inspire Inform Educate and share their Talents Skills and Abilities.

You can become involved by attending weekly meetings workshops and events, by joining as a member and by participating in our Creative Allsorts Marketplace starting in 2018. 


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Dallas Beckett – Founder - Intuitive Mentor
Creative - Director of EEP
(Energetic Emotional Profile)

This technique was specifically developed to enable clients to consciously become aware of their processes and implement Action Steps to creatively expand and achieve further growth in their personal and professional lives.

EEP allows people to shine a light and reflect where they have been, where they are now, and what their future potentials can be. This technique entails consciously opening pathways to ignite the flame within, to create a Life on Purpose with more soul passion of what they are doing and gain an authentic understanding of themselves.

EEP encompasses you looking at your life Physically Mentally Emotionally and Spiritually and the Creative Process is one of the Transformational Keys in enabling this to occur.

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“This year I have achieved more than I thought I could. I managed to balance working full time in a high end job and complete the 1st year of my masters qualification, which required full time university study. Dallas played a key role in this. She kept me on track and assisted me when I needed clarity on my ideas. She provided valuable insight into myself which has enabled me to more clearly see the pathways to achieving my goals. She is encouraging, supportive, honest and has a great ability to bring you back to focus if you sway from your pathway. The investment is definitely worthwhile, I highly recommend her as a mentor.
K - Public Servant and full time University Student